Got a Question- Hopefully, these answers might help!

1. What do I need?

  • Internet Connection
  • You can do classes on any and all of your devices

2. What style of yoga do you teach?

The Yoga aspect of our teaching is based on Hatha Yoga with inspiration from many disciplines – Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Clinical Somatic Movement, Contemporary Dance, and Tension Release Technique.

The core philosophy is that all movement and meditation practices are healing when done with awareness and understanding. Classes seek to resource you with the skills to listen to your body and follow what feels best for you.
We incorporate the best of movement practices and healing philosophy from yoga, meditation, somatic movement, new scientific developments, bio-energetic healing, mind-body principles, and dance.

Classes are full of play and lightness with space that empowers you to better understand your body and follow your own unique flow!

3. I don’t have a yoga mat or yoga props at home

That’s no problem. All of our classes are designed to be done at home with whatever materials you have available, such as the cushion off of your couch.

4. I’m new to yoga, is this for me?

Absolutely. We’ve created the online studio to be accessible and approachable for everyone whether you are a new beginner or advanced with years of practice.

Classes offer varying degrees of effort and adaptation to suit everyone.

Accessibility is a core value of Healing Yoga. We work with people who are blind, deafblind, those with limited mobility, chronic issues, and learning difficulties one to one, in groups and in residential settings.

Individual clients and class participants who have enjoyed and found classes beneficial to their management and healing include people managing symptoms of fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis, spinal lordosis, migraine, high blood pressure, lower back tension, poor body image, eating disorders, depression as well as those recovering from accidents and injury.

5. How long are your classes?

Weekly live classes are 60-75 minutes of expert quality time!

6. What if I want to do more classes than the weekly program?

Great! You can do as many classes as you like with the unlimited membership.

7. I have tricky knees (or low-back pain, shoulder issues, etc) can I still do your classes?

If you’ve had the OK from your healthcare professional to move and do yoga, then our classes will be helpful for you.

Adaptions are given in all classes to help you modify poses and movements for your particular abilities.

When in doubt – always listen to your body first, only do what feels good!! And check with the teacher.

8. Do I need my camera on?

It is always nice to see you but there is no pressure or need to have the camera on.

9. Do I need to use a big screen to see you?

No, I will be giving you verbal direction so you will be fully guided through my voice so you do not have to focus on seeing me on your screen. Classes are accessible to people with vision loss so it is possible to enjoy the whole class without the need to look at your screen!